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A pair of bigots make life rough for a new Ponderosa cowhand and his Indian wife, and starts a reign of terror that leads to a startling discovery with one of the bigots, Aaron Gore. Location Trivia: Spooner Lake stock footage from this season's location filming is edited in this episode as Chief Lonespear's camp. Bill Clark...( uncredited; buckboard double for Dan Blocker ),... Stunt Trivia: In the savage and ferocious fight between Sam (Jim Davis), Eddie (Jan-Michael Vincent), and Hoss (Dan Blocker), stuntman Alex Sharp doubles actor Jim Davis doing the over-the-shoulder and long shots in the bar fight and Jim Davis only does his close-ups, with Jan-Michael Vincent, who does his own stunts in the fight as well as Dan Blocker. Location Scenes Filmed at: Griffith Park, Southern California and September 1967 stock footage of Candy at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Joe reluctantly takes a job as a substitute teacher and must contend with two older students who have no use for an education.

The tension cue initially heard in "The Price of Salt" was also tracked for the climax, when Hoss shoots Jud after Davey defeats Skinner in combat. Bob Miles...( uncredited; stunt double for David Canary ),... Jim Davis makes his last appearance, as Sam Butler, interesting, when he made his first Bonanza appearance, in two's, "The Gift", as Sam Wolfe, no one thought we would see him using the name "Sam" twice on the series! Michael Landon, as usual, was able to do his complete fight with no stunt double.

Actor Michael Murphy as Will Holt, opposite Victor French as Aaron Gore, in another stellar performance, alongside him, second lead, Gregg Palmer, previously in five's, "The Roper", and nine's, "Sense Of Duty". Leo Gordon's filmed bit parts include the scenes where he and Lorne Greene are rolling around on the floor in the fight and he also takes the fall when Joe storms in the front door and shoots him down. It would also be composed in other guises for identifying objects in the Wagnerian method. Trivia: William Windom, an extroadinary actor, as the scheming Marshal, a veteran of film and television. In fact, Mike and Dan would invite Steve and Sally to their homes to have dinner and drinks on numerous occasions during "Bonanza's" later years. He is still remembered for his powerful performance as the half-breed alien Lokai in the Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield", opposite Frank Gorshin in 1968. It is not long before Ben, Hoss, and Joe are involved. Davey was abandoned by a Ute tribe during a battle in which his father and mother were killed at, the battle of Red Fork. Both Lane Bradford and Troy Melton do their own fights, since they are very capable, without getting hurt. James Davidson as Joe's friend, Dude, previously seen in eight's, "Black Friday", and in seven's, "Five Sundowns To Sunup", making his last appearance. Bob also doubles Kevin Coughlin in bit parts when they have the fight inside the schoolhouse. Stunt Trivia: Bill Clark horseback doubles Hoss at Franklin Lake on the dirt road in act one of the episode. By accident, I smacked Victor during rehearsal, and he had a great comeback..said, 'You're a good actress, but you don't have to be good'. Location Trivia: Stock footage dating back to June 1961, in act two of Ben riding Buck through the wooded clearing at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. To his dismay, Ben finds that his friend's fiancee intends to exploit the ranchers' desperate needs of obtaining salt for their dying herds. David Canary's fourteenth episode, and the first in which he is given the spotlight. When the cattle drive is ready to move on, Candy resigns to stay and help Lilah. Carter's horses that were culled from nine's "Check Rein" and then May 1962 stock footage of the horses that were culled from four's "The Beginning" at Iverson Ranch and Hoss riding through the wooded clearing at Incline Village and finally, July 1966 Lone Pine, stock shots of Clauson's horses that were taken from eight's "The Pursued." Filming date: December 13 to December 20, 1967. Bob Miles doubles Lou Antonio in these fights from the same camera angles and also in the street fight with Jud (Lane Bradford) and Skinner (Troy Melton). Hal Baylor makes his eighth appearance this time as Kelty, one of the Farrell Brother's henchmen, and is last seen in season twelve's "An Earthquake Called Callahan". Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles doubles Candy when Joe throws him out the schoolhouse at Franklin Lake. Trivia: The late Susan Strasberg, as the untalented gypsy girl, daughter of the famous actor and acting teacher, Lee Strasberg, in her only Bonanza appearance. They are heard in the climax at Bronson Canyon before the knife fight begins. He plays Eddie Makay in this episode and would later return as Rick Miller in ten's "The Unwanted". Mike Farrell (Paul Mantee) is doubled by Bob Miles in some bit parts during the fight with Joe.

Music Trivia: Theme cues from "Desperate Passage" and "Credit For a Kill" are tracked and juxtaposed in this episode's music score. Hal Burton...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon and Jan-Michael Vincent and extra as cowboy in saloon),.. Trivia: Jan Michael-Vincent makes the first of two appearances on the series. In act four, Canary and Baylor do their shots and are doubled again by Bob Miles and Bill Clark. Location Scenes Filmed at: Franklin Lake in California and June 1962 stock footage closing out act four with Joe riding Cochise along the shore of Gooseneck Reservoir at Truckee, California. An untalented gypsy girl tries to get the Cartwrights to finance her career as an opera singer. Kim Hunter as the greedy opportunistic salt dealer, best known for her role in the "Planet Of The Apes" movies, in the late 60's and early 70's. Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; extra as Ponderosa hand),... Hal Burton...(uncredited; stunt double for Michael Landon). Trivia: John Archer makes another appearance in act one, as the prosecutor, previously seen in past seasons, as many other characters. And Simon Scott making his last appearance, as Judge Farraday. The mining company's head executive, Emmet Hudson, and Angelus' deputy sheriff are in cahoots to blame the miners, and to make matters worse, the Cartwrights are major stockholders. First complete script Michael wrote for the series that NBC approved for filming. She was the tallest female guest star on the "The Jackie Gleason Show" at 5' 8". They had two children in the early 70's, which they named Gabby and Stefan. NBC was more concerned to produce stronger dramatic episodes for the ninth season, so this episode and "A Severe Case of Matrimony" were aired at the end of the season in 1968.

They got engaged in February 2015, and later married on April 26, 2015.… continue reading »

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